Pokémon version of 'Game of Life' to be released in Japan

Takara and Tomy merger results in Pokémon Board Game
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  • Wednesday, March 1, 2006

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A recent merge between two of Japan's most powerful toymakers, Takara and Tomy, into Takaratomy Co. has produced an unexpected bonus for Japanese fans. Their first product will combine the strengths of both companies into a Pokémon version of 'Game of Life'.

A more symbolic piece of Pokémon merchandising.

Takara started selling "The Game of Life" board game in 1968. Since then it has remained a consistent seller around the world. While Nintendo owns the Pokémon franchise, Tomy is licensed to produce Pokémon toys. The reasoning is to merge the companies' most symbolic products into one just as the two toy makers have fused together.

"Pocket Monster Advance Generation Game of Life" requires players to race toward a goal, collecting Pokemon, fighting competitors and striving to achieve qualifications, such as a Pokémon doctor, along the way. Unlike the regular 'Game of Life', where players' pieces are model vehicles, the Pokémon version uses Monster Balls.

"Pocket Monster Advance Generation Game of Life" will start selling from late April and will cost 3,780 yen. A pocket version is due to go on sale in June at a recommended retail price of 892 yen. There are no plans for a release outside of Japan.