Pokecharms.com announces U.K. tournament

First event to take place in Manchester this summer
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  • Friday, March 27, 2009

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Pokecharms.com today announced a Pokémon battling tournament to take place in Manchester, United Kingdom, this summer. Scheduled to begin around the time Pokémon Platinum is released in the U.K., prizes will include a copy of the new game and in-game items.

The tournament will be hosted by the retailer HMV's Gamerbase store in Manchester and is being organized by Pokecharms. No dates have been set yet, but a time frame of around Pokémon Platinum's U.K. release between the end of May and start of June has been determined pending feedback from those who are interested in taking part. U.K.-based gamers can register their interest and ideal weekend within the time frame on the site's forums.

This first event will take place in the Manchester Gamerbase, but the possibility of a London event later in the year has also been discussed.

Prizes include a copy of the new Pokémon Platinum game for the tournament's winner; Pokémon that have been specially bred and contributed by Pokecharms members; as well as a selection of in-game items. Other prizes have not been confirmed, but there are plans for all participants to receive a prize of some sort for taking part.

Costs of the event have not yet been confirmed, meaning there may be a small fee of possibly £3 for entering the competition, but only if necessary.

The competition is open to all U.K.-based Pokémon players, requires each player to bring his or her own Nintendo DS and copy of Pokémon Pokémon Diamond or Pokémon Pearl and is planned to have upwards of 24 participants on the day of the event.