Ray Rizzo's Metagross confirmed for distribution in Germany

Current VGC champion's Pokémon to be distributed at German nationals
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  • Friday, May 3, 2013

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The Metagross based on Ray Rizzo's that was previously reported to be available at the Italian Pokémon Video Game National Championships has been confirmed for distribution in Germany as well. This Metagross will be available at the 2013 Video Game National Championships in Germany, and is available to anyone attending on Sunday May 26 after 12 noon. It will have the same Nature, held item and Ability, and is Shiny like Rizzo's. It will be at level 45.


Ray Rizzo is the champion of the 2012 Video Game Championships, and Metagross is one of the Pokémon he used to win the title last year. Rizzo's Metagross's Nature is Adamant, was holding a Lum Berry, and had the Ability Clear Body.

While it is only distributed at the nationals, players do not need to participate in the tournament to receive the Metagross. The national qualifiers run from May 25 to 26 in Germany. It is unknown if this Pokémon will be distributed at VGC nationals in other countries.