Rotom, Riley coming to DVD

Galactic Battles to release next year
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  • Friday, November 19, 2010

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US Pokémon fans will soon have Rotom, Roark, and Riley at their fingertips: Warner Bros. Studios has announced that the twelfth season of the Pokémon anime is coming to DVD.

In the first Galactic Battles episode, Ash and co. meet up with a wild Rotom.

The season, titled Pokémon Diamond & Pearl: Galactic Battles, will be released in two parts, with the first part available from March 15, 2011. The online listing gives a pre-order price of US$21.95. While it is currently unknown how many episodes will be released in the initial volume, the DVD releases of seasons 10 and 11 suggest the first 17 or 18 episodes will be included. The online description of the DVD suggests that episodes from Get Your Rotom Running! up to at least The Drifting Snorunt! will be released.

Non-stop excitement awaits in the Sinnoh region, as Ash’s quest for a Gym Badge lands him in a shocking encounter with Rotom and a family feud between father and son Gym Leaders! Then, our heroes witness the power of Aura when they join forces with Riley and Lucario to protect an island full of Pokémon from Team Galactic. But Aura won’t help Pikachu and Piplup when they wind up lost on a deserted island! From an infatuated Phione to a Snorunt search and rescue, the adventure never ends for Ash, Dawn, and Brock!
  -- Warner Bros.  

Galactic Battles originally aired in the US from May 9, 2009, to May 15, 2010.

This announcement follows the news that Warner Bros. will be releasing the twelfth Pokémon movie on Feb. 1.