Sales in Europe, Australia to promote 5th anniversary of Nintendo eShop

Pokédex 3D Pro, Pokémon Link: Battle!, Pokémon Trading Card Game on sale
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  • Tuesday, June 7, 2016

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To celebrate 5 years of the Nintendo eShop, a large number of titles will be on sale on the eShop in Europe and Australia. In Europe, the sales will run from June 9 to 23, 2016; in Australia, they will run from June 10 to 23, 2016.

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The games on sale include the Pokémon titles Pokédex 3D Pro, Pokémon Link: Battle!, and the Virtual Console release of the video game Pokémon Trading Card Game. All of these games are available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop only. In Europe, all three are confirmed to be half price; in Australia only Pokédex 3D Pro and Pokémon Trading Card Game are confirmed to be half price, although it is likely that Pokémon Link: Battle! will be as well.

Pokédex 3D Pro is a Nintendo 3DS application that includes 3D models of all the Pokémon available in the Generation V core series games. It includes details about the Pokémon which are correct as of Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, such as types, Egg Groups, moves, Abilities, etc. The application has not been updated for the Generation VI games.

Pokémon Link: Battle! (known as Pokémon Battle Trozei in North America) is an eShop-exclusive tile-matching game for Nintendo 3DS. It is the sequel to Pokémon Link! (known as Pokémon Trozei! in North America). The gameplay of Pokémon Shuffle is based on the Pokémon Link series.

Pokémon Trading Card Game is a video game originally released for Game Boy Color based on the physical Pokémon Trading Card Game, and was re-released on Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. While the original game was released for the Game Boy Color, it was also playable on the original Game Boy with some features disabled; in the Virtual Console release, the game can only be played as on the Game Boy Color. While the original game had local multiplayer via link cable and Card Pop! via infrared, these features are disabled in the Virtual Console release. The game contains all the cards from the physical card game's Base Set, Jungle, and Fossil expansions, except for Base Set Electrode and Fossil Ditto; the game also includes many exclusive cards, some of which were later printed as physical cards but many still remain exclusive.

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