San Diego Comic-Con attendees to get Mystic Ticket

Convention to be held this weekend
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  • Tuesday, July 13, 2005

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Nintendo has announced that attendees of this weekend's San Diego Comic-Con will be able to receive, direct from Nintendo, a Mystic Ticket that will allow players of Pokémon FireRed, Pokémon LeafGreen, and Pokémon Emerald to access islands where they can catch Ho-Oh and Lugia.

The convention runs from July 14 to July 17 at the San Diego Convention Center. On those days between 11am to 1pm and 3pm to 5pm, staff members at Nintendo's booth (#1929 & 2029, middle of the hall) will help players transfer the ticket onto their games.

Attendees wishing to download the ticket need to bring their Game Boy Advance with Wireless Adapter and appropriate Pokémon game. Games altered with the use of devices such as GameShark and Action Replay could cause an corrupted download and may result in game failure, according to Nintendo. Even games that have not directly been altered by a device but store items or Pokémon that came from an altered game can affect download success, Poké says.

How to prepare to download the Mystic Ticket, according to Nintendo:

  1. Go to any PokéMart
  2. On the desk, there should be a small, square "memo"
  3. Press the A button near the memo, and a questionnaire should pop up
  4. Enter the words "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL" (Hit the SELECT button to see an alphabetical listing of all the words)
  5. The counter person will react - and tell you that you should now receive Mystery Gift!
  6. Save your game, then turn off your GameBoy Advance
  7. Turn on your game, and Mystery Gift should appear below the new game slot
  8. When selecting Mystery Gift, you'll see Wonder Card and Wonder News. Select Wonder Card.
  9. Now you can receive the Mystic Ticket
  10. A staff member will now transfer the Mystic Ticket to your game pak

After receiving the Mystic Ticket:

  1. Go to the 2nd floor of any Pokémon Center in the game
  2. Talk to the man in the green hat
  3. After speaking to him, your Mystic Ticket will be in the Key Items portion of your Bag
  4. Save your game, then turn off your Game Boy Advance (The Mystic Ticket cannot be traded or transferred)

After turning on one's game again, a player is now able to access the areas that are home to Lugia and Ho-Oh. In FireRed and LeafGreen, go to the port in Vermilion City. The ferry to Navel Rock becomes available after obtaining the Rainbow Pass. In Emerald, the Mystic Ticket only works after defeating the Pokémon League and entering the Hall of Fame. After this task has been completed, take the ferry at Lilycove City to Navel Rock.

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