Season's greetings from Bulbagarden

Fourth annual holiday contests launched
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  • Thursday, December 1, 2011

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Keeping with a now well-established tradition, Bulbagarden is hosting a range of seasonal/Christmas/winter/holiday (tick as relevant) contests this month.

With the contests now in their fourth year, Bulbagarden is offering up over US$1000 of prizes in around thirteen different contests.

Full information about the contests can be found in this forum. Each contest has its own thread, which details start and close times, if applicable.

An overview of each contest, including the site section presenting the contest, is listed below. Contests without links have yet to launch, and their links will be added once the contest has been posted.

General Pokémon contests

  • Pokémon Anime Pub Quiz
    • Presented by the staff of BMGf's Pokémon Anime forum
    • A quiz with 5 categories that aims to test the knowledge of the Pokémon anime. There are 65 questions.
  • Bulbagarden Kwanza Clash
    • Presented by the staff of BMGf's Video Game and Battle Center sections
    • Bulbagarden’s holiday Wi-Fi tournament, following the official rules of the 2011/12 Play! Pokémon season.
  • Create-a-card
    • Presented by the staff of BMGf's Pokémon Trading Card Game forum
    • Show off your creativity by giving us your best Christmas themed Pokémon Card idea.
  • Art Contests
    • Presented by the staff of BMGf's Artist's Alcove and Life, the Universe, and Everything forums.
    • Show us your best representation of the Christmas season in two contests, with prizes awarded for both fanart and photography.
  • Heartwarming Winter Tales
    • Presented by the staff of BMGf's Writer's Workshop forum.
    • For all our fanfic writers out there, we'd like you to craft stories of Christmas love, friendship and warmth.

Wiki contests

  • The Festive Frontier
    • Presented by the staff of Bulbapedia and Bulbagarden Archives
    • Will you accept the challenge of improving the Bulbawikis before Christmas? Share your knowledge and win prizes!
  • Santa's Soapbox Essay Competition
    • Presented by the staff of Bulbanews and National Bulbagraphic
    • Are you an aspiring writer? Your Pokémon-related opinions could be published on Bulbanews or in the NBG!

Bulbacast contests

  • Pokémon Holiday Karaoke
    • Presented by the staff of BMGf's Media Menagerie forum.
    • Don't be shy and let's hear your voices! Show us your best Pokémon or Holiday Karaoke. Our favourite entries may end up immortalized in the Bulbacast!
  • Bulbacast Talkback
    • Presented by the Bulbacasters
    • Now you too can host a Bulbacast segment. Send us in a recording of you discussing/ranting on a Pokémon topic. Our favourites will get featured on Bulbacast throughout the holiday period and into the New Year! You may even get a chance to appear on a full episode!

Bulbagarden forums contests

  • A Long Winter's Path
    • Presented by the staff of the BMGf War Room
    • Bulbagarden Forums traditional Scavenger Hunt. Made a bit more challenging this year because we've turned off the search function. ;)
  • Pokémon Christmas Mafia
    • Presented by the staff of the BMGf War Room
    • Come test your wits and skills in this game where two teams must outsmart each other to win the battle over Christmas.

Special contests

  • The 12 Days of Christmas
    • Bulbagarden Staff Appreciation Awards
    • In recognition of the valuable service to the community given by our volunteer staff members. Nominate the staff who you feel should be recognized for their contributions, to win them a prize, and win something for yourself in the bargain.

Best of luck everybody. Have a safe and happy holiday; we'll see you in the new year!