Slippery Wobbuffet Tretta can be transferred to Pokémon X and Y in Japan

Special Pokémon Nuketta machines used for transfer
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  • Monday, November 18, 2013

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The "Sounansu Slipped Out, That's Right!" campaign has been announced for Japan. Pokémon Tretta players that take a Super Class or Normal Class Wobbuffet Tretta from Festival Set three to an event that has the Pokémon Nuketta machine for this campaign can receive a Wobbuffet for their Pokémon X and Y games.

Festival Set 3: 'Have You Seen Them?! The New Powers!!' is the newest set for Pokémon Tretta which will be released Nov. 28. After the Wobbuffet is transferred to the Pokémon X and Y games, it disappears from the Tretta to go into the games. The campaign will be held at Pokémon Card Game Battle Festa on Dec. 15 and 23, the Next-Gen World Hobby Fair '14 Winter on Jan. 19, 25, 26, Feb. 2 and 9, 2014, and other locations that are unknown at this time.

Once Wobbuffet enters the Pokémon X and Y games, the Tretta it came from can no longer be used to play Pokémon Tretta.

With thanks to Bluesun for the translation.