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First Diamond, Pearl information revealed

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The screenshots show both in-battle and overworld scenes. The battle shown was between {{p|Munchlax}} and {{p|Manyula}}, and the display looks very similar to previous Pokémon RPGs.
[[Image:Dipe03.jpg|thumb|right|Munchlax information]]
The name of the region in which the games take place is シンオウ ''ShinōShin'ō'', and the protagonist's hometown is フタバタウン ''Futaba Town''.
[[Image:Dipe04.jpg|thumb|right|Manyula information]]
The scans reveal the abilities of Munchlax and Manyula. Munchlax has either [[bp:Thick Fat (ability)|Thick Fat]] or [[bp:Pickup (ability)|Pickup]], and Manyula has [[bp:Pressure (ability)|Pressure]]. Munchlax's signature move is {{m|Swallow}}, and Manyula can learn {{m|Revenge}}.