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Pokémon Trading Figure Game approaches release

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tagline=New starter set and referee figure previewed |
blurb=With the impending release of the new Pokémon Trading Figure game in Australia, and parts of Europe and South-EastSouthast Asia, over the next month, further information is slowly starting to surface about the game. }}
[[Image:Ptfg_battlestarter.jpg|thumb|right|The new Battle Starter box]]
While an actual date of release, has yet to be announced, new details are slowly surfacing from retailers who are already advertising, and offering pre-orders for the gamesgame.
European retailers at this point in time seem to be offering pre-orders for a release in October, though there seems to be no agreement on the price of the products between them as of yet. One point of interest is the new Battle Starter that has been featured by a number of retailers, giving us our first glimpse a previously unknown Referee figure. This Battle Starter seems to combine the "Riptide" and "Flamethrower" starters revealed previously into one package, with the addition of the new referee figure. It is unknown if there are additional items in this Battle Starter which are not in the normal starter sets.
AustralianEuropean Pokéfansretailers willseem notto havebe tooffering waitpre-orders asfor long,a withrelease variousin retailersOctober, includingthough EBGamesno (alsoagreement knownseems asto Electronicsbe Boutique),made featuringon the gameprice inof theirthe 3rdproducts. quarterOne catalogues.point Accordingof tointerest EBGames,is wethe cannew expectBattle theStarter pricethat forhas thebeen regularfeatured starterby setsa tonumber beof A$29.95retailers, andgiving A$14.95the forpublic theits boosters.first Sadly,glimpse theat a previously unknown Referee figure. This Battle Starter setseems featuredto abovecombine doesthe not[[bp:Riptide seem(TFG)|Riptide]] toand feature[[bp:Flamethrower in(TFG)|Flamethrower]] anystarters revealed previously into one package, with the addition of the currentnew advertismentsreferee forfigure. It is unknown if additional items that are not in the gamenormal starter sets will be in this Battle Starter.
BulbanewsAustralian Pokéfans will continuenot have to informwait youas onlong furtherwith newsvarious retailers, including [[wp:Electronics Boutique|EB Games/Electronics Boutique]], featuring the game in its third quarter catalog. According to EB Games, the price for the Pokémonregular Tradingstarter Figuresets Gamewill asbe itA$29.95, and A$14.95 for the boosters. The Battle Starter set described above is not featured in any of the current advertisments for the developsgame.