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Recent events from the perspective of SOVA

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I can guarantee that the numbers are even higher than you might think. We've had a history of being very tolerant as a fandom, putting up with the good and the bad, and only complaining to ourselves about the parts that bothered us. When ''[[bp:The Legend of Thunder!|The Legend of Thunder!]]'' aired, eight or so letters were sent to 4Kids in a campaign because fans were upset with [[bp:Hun|Hun]] being cast as a woman— and in response, quote [[bp:Madeleine Blaustein|Maddie Blaustein]], 4Kids went out of its way to make sure [[bp:Harley|Harley]] was cast as successfully as possible. For our fandom, ''that'' was a very vocal feedback.
And now, if it hadn't been for us initially speaking out against the change, how many of you would have responded as vocally as you did when ''[[bp:The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon|The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon]]'' first aired? I'm quite certain the response would have been far more minimal— that many of you would have accepted it even if it washad evenbeen worse —and I'm even more certain that the re-dub would not have occurred.
That is, in a way, one thing SOVA is trying to accomplish. We're simply not satisfied with the dub without the original voice actors, and unlike almost every other instance in the Pokémon fandom, we're going to make sure PUSA is aware of just how dissatisfied we are. If you have a problem with this, I apologize— but we're not planning on changing our feelings.