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This year is the tenth anniversary of the Pocket Monsters series, better known globally as Pokémon. A special full-orchestra concert of the Pokémon game soundtrack to commemorate this event, ''10th Anniversary: Pokémon Happy Birthday Concert ~ Our Pokémon! First Symphony ♪ ~'' (10thアニバーサリー ポケモンはっぴーバースデーコンサート ~ぼくらのポケモン!はじめての交響曲♪~), has been announced.
Club Nintendo members who have registered their Pokémon games, and Pokémon Daisuki Club members are invited to enter a draw for a seat at the concert. No concert tickets are to be sold: the only way of getting a seat is by entering the draw. Applications must be received by September 25, 2006, 3PM JST. Club Nintendo members who register their Pokémon games before the deadline are also eligible for entering the draw.
* Performance: Hyogo Performing Arts Center Orchestra (兵庫芸術文化センター管弦楽団)