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Director Kunihiko Yuyama speaks about tenth movie

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Dialga rules time, and Palkia rules space, so the scale of the story is large, but, since the design of Dialga and Palkia was that they lived in an alternate dimension, so we decided that their fight in the alternate dimension would affect reality - the world of [[bp:Ash Ketchum|Satoshi]] and friends - Dialga and Palkia will appear before Satoshi and friends and drag the city they have arrived at into it as well - in a manner that will raise the question of, if they destroy this city, isn't it possible that they will destroy the whole world as well?
I would also like to involve the main characters' Pokémon in the movie, who we haven't really been able to portray in the past. Not only Satoshi, [[bp:Hikari|Hikari]] and [[bp:TakeshiBrock|Takeshi]]'s Pokémon will appear in the movie, but there will also be many Pokémon belonging to guest characters. To put in as a single sentence, I would like it to be a very lively movie with a festive atmosphere.</div>