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WWWJDIC: ゴーディ (u) Godey
A young scientist with an intellectual atmosphere. His laboratory buried in monitors and experimental equipment is in the Space-Time Tower. A classmate of Baron Alberto.
One day, Tonio finds an old notebook in the laboratory: GodyGodey's diary (ゴーディの日記). GodyGodey is something like a great-grandfather to Tonio, and is the genius architect who designed the Space-Time Tower and the beautiful gardens of Álamos Town.
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A {{tt|poor|可憐: poor, pitiful; cute, sweet, lovely}} woman studying music in Álamos Town. She also conducts balloon tours of the town. She has the ability to calm the hearts of Pokémon with the beautiful melody of her {{tt|grasswhistle|草笛: reed pipe}}. Her partner is {{p|Chimchar}}.