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Cartoon Network reveals English names of Hikari, Shinji

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blurb=Shinji's English name as well as Hikari's English name were revealed today. The first five titles were also revealed. }}
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Cartoon Network has revealed the English name for Shinji and Hikari. They are Paul and Dawn, respectively. Dawn's name thus breaks the "cycle"theorised pattern of female characters with a M at the beginning of their names and a Y at the end of their names.
Cartoon Network also revealed five episodethe titles for the five episodes:
* [[bp:DP001|DP001]]: Following a Maiden Voyage!
* [[bp:DP002|DP002]]: Two Degrees of Separation!
* [[bp:DP003|DP003]]: When Pokémon Worlds Collide!
* [[bp:DP004|DP004]]: Dawn of a New Era!!
* [[bp:DP005|DP005]]: Gettin' Twiggy With It!
These episodes bring Cartoon Network to the end of season 9. No anouncement for season 10 has yet been made.