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Cartoon Network reveals English names of Hikari, Shinji

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blurb=ShinjiCartoon Network's EnglishWeb namesite astoday wellrevealed as Hikari'sthe English namenames wereof revealedHikari todayand Shinji. The first five episode titles wereof alsothe revealedDiamond and Pearl anime series were announced. }}
Cartoon Network's Web site hastoday revealed the English namenames for Shinji andof [[bp:Dawn|Hikari.]] They(''Dawn'') areand [[bp:Paul|Shinji]] and Dawn, respectively(''Paul''). Dawn'sThe name thus breaksof the theorised pattern[[bp:Character of female characters with a M at the beginningday|character of theirthe namesday]] andfrom a[[bp:DP004|DP004]] Ywas atrevealed theto endbe of their names''Nando''.
CartoonSome Networkfans alsowere revealedsurprised thethat titlesDawn's forname broke the fiveassumed pattern of main female character names beginning with M and ending with Y (as with [[bp:Misty|Misty]] and episodes[[bp:May|May]]).
*The [[bp:DP001|DP001]]:first Followingfive aepisode Maidentitles Voyage!of the English-language Diamond and Pearl series were announced.
* [[bp:DP002|DP002]]: Two Degrees of Separation!
* [[bp:DP003|DP003]]: When Pokémon Worlds Collide!
* [[bp:DP004|DP004]]: Dawn of a New Era!!
* [[bp:DP005|DP005]]: Gettin' Twiggy With It!
These* episodes[[bp:DP001|DP001]]: bring''Following Cartoona NetworkMaiden to the end of season 9. No anouncement for season 10 has yet been made.Voyage!''
* [[bp:DP002|DP002]]: ''Two Degrees of Separation!''
* [[bp:DP003|DP003]]: ''When Pokémon Worlds Collide!''
* [[bp:DP004|DP004]]: ''Dawn of a New Era!!''
* [[bp:DP005|DP005]]: ''Gettin' Twiggy With It!''
These episodes bring Cartoon Network to the end of Pokémon's ninth season. Season 10 has yet to be announced, but the series' page on the cable channel's Web site has been converted to a Diamond and Pearl theme.
* [ Pokémon page on Cartoon Network Web site]