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You spin to see if you can knock out your opponent's Pokémon and send them back to the Pokémon Center. Play Trainer cards to give your Pokémon in the field an extra advantage. And reach your opponent's Goal first to prove you're a true Pokémon Master!"
Below is a frequently asked question list about the trading card game from the [ official website.].
=Frequently Askedasked Questionsquestions=
'''Who developed the Pokémon Trading Figure Game, and how long did it take?'''
The Pokémon Trading Figure Game (TFG) was designed by Mr. Tsunekaz Ishihara, a general producer for Pokémon and one of the designers of the popular trading card game (TCG), and by Mr. Koichi Oyama and Mr.Masayuki Miura. They spent the last few years preparing the game’s look and feel to ensure the best possible collectible trading figure game.
Obviously this is a big new game for Pokémon fans and I know a lot of us here in North America have been awaiting its announcement. These are excellent figures and are a must for the Pokémon gamer and collector. For more information and pictures about the TFG, you can visit the links below.
'''TFG=External Links:'''links=
* Featured Pokémon in the TFG: []
* TFG Rulebookrulebook: []