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blurb=The official Web site for the Pokémon Trading Figure Game has announced that the game will be released in North America Aug. 15. }}
The [ official websiteWeb site] for the highly anticipated [[bp:Pokémon Trading Figure Game|Pokémon Trading Figure Game]] (TFG) has announced that the game will be releasereleased in North America on AugustAug. 15, 2007. The game was released in Australia lastin year2006.
Quoted from the Go-Pokémon websiteWeb site: "A brand new game from the creators of the [[bp:Pokémon Trading Card Game|Pokémon Trading Card Game]], the [[bp:Pokémon Trading Figure Game|Pokémon Trading Figure Game]] (TFG) lets you play with amazing new collectible figures of your favorite Pokémon!
Next Quest, the first expansion of this incredibly cool game, will include more than 40 unique, high-quality figures. Each features an exciting new spinning mechanic that adds real action to your battles. It's easy to learn, and you'll be ready to battle in minutes.
=Frequently asked questions=
'''Who developed the Pokémon Trading Figure Game, and how long did it take?'''
The Pokémon Trading Figure Game (TFG) was designed by Mr. TsunekazTsunekazu Ishihara, a general producer for Pokémon and one of the designers of the popular trading card game (TCG), and by Mr. Koichi Oyama and Mr.Masayuki Miura. They spent the last few years preparing the game’sgame's look and feel to ensure the best possible collectible trading figure game.
'''Why did we decide to make this game?'''
Collectors and players alike have been asking for a Pokémon collectible figure game for a long time; we’rewe're just now able to give them a game that we feel meets Pokémon’sPokémon's standards of collectibility and gameplay.
What’s'''What's cool or unique about this game?'''
The game comes with an awesome spinning mechanic for battles that players are going to love. It makes every battle different and provides many different combinations of Pokémon to build a team. The game is also extremely easy to learn, so players will be battling in minutes!
'''How many Pokémon are in the initial release?'''
The first release has more than 40 figures, including some favorites like {{p|Pikachu}} and {{p|Charizard}}. We also have special Trainer figures.
'''What are the similarities or differences between the TFG and the TCG and the video game?'''
In each game, players can experience the strategies that come from training rare and powerful Pokémon that have a wide variety of attacks. The TFG takes the video game and the TCG to the next level by adding three-dimensional Pokémon to the battle-- it really brings the Pokémon to life!
'''Who makes the figures?'''
'''What kind of game is it?'''
It comes with a playmat and lots of figures-- so, we see it as a collectible figure game, one that will keep growing with the release of expansions in the future. We suspect players will collect and display the figures almost as much as they battle with them!
Obviously this is a big new game for Pokémon fans and I know a lot of us here in North America have been awaiting its announcement. These are excellent figures and are a must for the Pokémon gamer and collector. For more information and pictures about the TFG, you can visit the links below.
=External links=Information==
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