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blurb=Pokémon Platinum Version was revealed in leaked pictures of both CoroCoro and Famitsu magazines on Wednesday. Despite many holding out hope that the Generation IV game to be announced this month would be the anticipated remakes of the Generation II games, what was announced was the third version to Diamond and Pearl instead. }}
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[[Image:Giratina-OriginForm.png|thumb|right|Giratina's originOrigine formForme]]
As in previous generations, the third version has finally been announced, titled '''Pokémon Platinum Version''' ('''ポケットモンスタープラチナ''' ''Pocket Monsters Platina''). The third game, much like [[bp:Pokémon Emerald Version|Emerald]] of the previous generation, features different outfits for the protagonists Lucas and Dawn, an altered storyline (now with [[bp:Giratina (Pokémon)|Giratina]] appearing at Mt. Coronet), and a new, Battle Frontier-like area known as Battle Island. Giratina also appears in its previously-announced "Origine Forme".