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'Pokémon 151' brand to cater to adults

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[[Image:P151.jpg|thumb|right|T-shirt designs featuring, clockwise from top left, Hypno, Mewtwo, Cubone and Articuno]]
The Pokémon Company has announced [[bp:Pokémon 151|Pokémon 151]], a new brand intended for adult Pokémon fans. An official Web site opens Thursday, and Japanese Pokémon Center stores have begun selling four types of stylized T-shirts. In addition, a Diamond and Pearl battle tournament for ages 15 and up will be held at the Tokyo store July 4.
The four T-shirts currently available for pre-sale feature stylized designs of {{p|Hypno}}, {{p|Cubone}}, {{p|Articuno}} and {{p|Mewtwo}}, respectively.