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Kakuna added to Pokémon 151 T-shirt line

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[[Image:Kakuna-pokemon-151-t-shirt.jpg|thumb|right|Kakuna's Pokémon 151 T-shirt design]]
On{{p|Kakuna}} has been added to the Pokémon 151 website, aseries newof T-shirtshirts designavailable hasin beenJapanese revealed.Pokémon TheCenter shirtstores willand beonline soldat 4,530,The inshirt small,costs medium4,530 large, and extra-large sizesyen.
* [ Pokémon 151 Official Site] (Japanese)
* ['Pokémon_151'_brand_to_cater_to_adults PreviousPokémon Bulbanews151 articlebrand to cater to adults] (Bulbanews)