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Member Card to be distributed via Wi-Fi

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Bulbapedia has the item named "Member Card" for a reason: it is the in-game spelling. Also, Darkrai's level is 50 in Platinum, which is the only relevant game in this context.
The December issue of CoroCoro has revealed that the [[bp:Member Card|Member's Card]], the item to trigger {{p|Darkrai}}'s appearance in [[bp:Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions|Pokémon Diamond, Pearl]] and [[bp:Pokémon Platinum Version|Platinum]], will be distributed via Wi-Fi to Platinum players from Dec. 1-Jan. 15. While the Member Card is present in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, the [[bp:Mystery Gift|Wonder Card]] that will be downloaded directly is programmed to be compatible with Platinum only.
The Darkrai in the game is found on [[bp:Newmoon Island|Newmoon Island]] at Level 4050.