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'Beat of the Frontier' TCG expansion coming to Japan

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blurb=NewA Jappanessnew TCgJapanese expasionPokémon toTrading beCard Game expansion called "Beat the FrointerFrontier" 「拡張パック フロンティアの鼓動」 will be released on March 6, according to On the same day, a starter deck, "Gablias vs. Lizardon," will be released. }}
TheA new JappanessJapanese Pokémon Trading Card Game expansion called ''Beat the Frontier'' 「拡張パック Setフロンティアの鼓動」 will be realessedreleased on March 6,2009,called Beataccording theto Almost like Boundsthe ''[[bp:Bonds to the endEnd of timeTime (TCG)|Bonds to the End of Time]]'' set, ''Beat the FrointerFrontier'' will offer new PokemonPokémon SP cardcards for the FrointerFrontier Brains of the {{bp|Sinnoh}} reigonregion. The Bosterbooster Packspacks will sell for 315 yen. On the same Dayday,A a starter deck, will realess as''[[bp:Garchomp (Pokémon)|Gablias]] VSvs. [[bp:Charizard (Pokémon)|Lizardon]]'', will be released. It will sell for 1,500 yen.
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