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Metagross to be available for trade in Ranch

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[[Image:Redhakase Metagross.jpg|Professor Red and Metagross|thumb]]
It was announced in the latest episode of {{bp|Pokémon Sunday}} that the show's Professor Red will trade a {{p|Metagross}} nicknamed ''HomeRunHomerun'' (ホームラン) Tuesday through Feb. 23 for any [[bp:Machop (Pokémon)|Wanriky]] on the Japanese [[bp:My Pokémon Ranch|Everyone's Pokémon Ranch]]. This will only be available on games with the Platinum update.
This will be the second Pokémon Sunday trade event to be held in Ranch this year, the first being {{bp|Akiyama Slaking|Akiyama's Kekking}}. This is the third total trade opportunity since the Platinum update of Ranch, the second being the Kekking and the first being {{bp|Yukina Meowth|Yukina's Nyarth}}.