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Arceus officially revealed

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{{bp|The Pokémon Company}} has officially announced {{p|Arceus}} via the {{bp|movie 12}} website. This reveals some new artwork, along with a special entry area for typing in a keyword to receive something special. If the keyword アルセウス is entered you can gain access to a turn-around shot of {{p|Arceus}}' anime model.
[[Image:Movie12logo.png|thumb|left|100px|The logo for movie 12]]
It also confirms the new movie logo with Arceus's name on top of it.
In addition to this news, released the official Ken Sugimori artwork for {{p|Arceus}} this weekend to correlate with the new CoroCoro issue out. They also showcased it'sits PokedexPokédex entry from Platinum, as well andas it'sits statistics. [[Image:ArceusDP.png|thumb|left|100px|Ken Sugimori Artwork]]