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Stickers to be distributed at Toys R Us Regigigas Event

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blurb=According to, some Pokémon stickers will be available at the even. They will be of Regirock, Registeel, Regice, and Regigigas. }}
ThanksAccording to TRU Man we, some exclusivePokémon picturesstickers on the items towill be given awayavailable at the {{p|Regigigas}} event whichat willToys be'R' taking place in approximately 2 weeksUs. TheThey eventwill hasbe notof yet{{p|Regirock}}, been officially announced by or Nintendo{{p|Registeel}}, but thanks to earlier poster leaks{{p|Regice}}, theand eventRegigigas. isThere confirmedwill toalso be takinga placecoupon from March 8th 2009similar to Marchthe 21stone 2009given ataway yourvia localthe ToysShaymin "R" Us in both Puerto Rico and the USAevent.
At the event, two freebies will be distributed to all customers who attend. First is the "$5 off" coupon which is only valid from March 8th to 21st 2009. Similarly to Shaymin's coupon, this one can only be used towards your purchase of any Nintendo DS Pokémon game title. You cannot use more than one of these coupons on the purchase of one game to pile up on savings. The coupon's expiry date is just short of Platinum's release so you won't be able to use it on that either.==Information==
*[ Aricle on The PKM Database]
The*[[Regigigas second freebie that willto be availablegiven are a set of stickers with Regigigas, Regice, Regirock and Registeel. The sheet with the stickers on it also notes that you can trade the Regigigas you received to Platinumaway in order to unlock the "Regi Trio"U. Thanks to some of our friends at Toys "R" Us we have had the event PKM and wonder card for a few weeks now, so you can check out the event's info by following the links belowS. You can also click on either of the pictures on the right to enlarge them. Thanksin forMarch|Previous reading!article]]