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Oha Suta reveals new Movie 12 trailer and final poster

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[[Image:Movie 12 Arceus Choukoku Jikuu e Oha Suta poster.jpg|thumb|right|180px|Movie poster from Oha Suta]]
The Japanese TV show Oha Suta has revealed the final poster of the twelfth Pokémon movie, {{bp|Arceus: To a Conquering Spacetime}}, as well as a new trailer. The trailer and poster not only show {{p|Arceus}} now, but they also showsshow two new as of yet unnamed movie characters, a young man and a (teen) girl. The trailer also shows the {{bp|signature move}} of Arceus, {{m|Judgment}}.
A short version of the trailer was also shown after [[bp:DP117|DP117]] and morePokémon showingsSunday will takealso placefeature atmovie tomorrow's issue of Oha Suta and in Pokémon Sundayfootage. The official movie web site will also be renewed tomorrow.
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