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[[Image:Meowth event 3 09.jpg|thumb|Nyarth]]
Beginning March 20, Japanese Pokémon Center stores will sell new merchandise featuring a {{p|Meowth|Nyarth}} that symbolizes luck. Called ''Nyarth Festival'' 「ニャースまつり」 and originally only celebrated in Pokémon Center Osaka, the merchandise is based on the Japanese "{{wp|maneki neko}}"-type of sculpture. It features Nyarth holding its charm.
To celebrate the promotion, the stores will also be giving away {{bp|PC Osaka Meowth|Nyarth}} to players of {{v2|Diamond}}, {{v2|Pearl}} and {{v2|Platinum}} from March 20-April 12. It will be at level 10 in a Cherish Ball with the {{bp|OT}} 「オーサカ」 and the {{bp|ID number}} 03209. It will be holding the {{bp|Amulet Coin}}. Please take note that the Nyarth will be given away in all of the Pokémon Center stores. It will not only be given away in Osaka, as implied the the OT, just like the merchandise will be available in all Pokémon Centers as well.