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G4 interviews Junichi Masuda, Takeshi Kawachimaru

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{{bp|Game Freak}}'s {{bp|Junichi Masuda}} and Takeshi Kawachimaru will attend the Nintendo World Store's Pokémon Platinum release party on Saturday in New York City, and since they've been in the United States, G4's Raymond Padilla interviewed the pair about {{game|Platinum}} and the franchise in general.
Masuda is the director of Game Freak. His relationship with Pokémon began as the sole music composer for all {{bp|Generation I}} games, andbut he went on to directreplace {{bp|Satoshi Tajiri }} as the company's general director. He has since directed {{game|FireRed}}, {{v2|LeafGreen}}, {{v2|Diamond}} and {{v2|Pearl}}. Kawachimaru is a Pokémon game designer who has most recently directed Pokémon Platinum and played a major role in the creation of the {{bp|Distortion World}}.
Besides discussing Platinum in anticipation of the game's U.S. release on Sunday, Padilla asked Masuda and Kawachimaru if there will be a Pokémon more powerful than {{p|Arceus}}, "the god of all Pokémon," in future games. Masuda's answer hinted at Arceus' relation to {{p|Dialga}}, {{p|Palkia}} and {{p|Giratina}}: