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Official European sites update with Shaymin information

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the date is April 15 even on the German screenshot, it obviously is no accurate indicator; languages != countries; Nintendo _OF_ Europe
[[File:ShayminSky.png|thumb|Shaymin in Sky Forme]]
The European sites for {{p|Shaymin}} have recently openedbeen upupdated, revealing new information about the Pokémon.
The sites reveal how to get Shaymin via {{bp|Mystery Gift}}. As reported [[Shaymin to be distributed in Europe|before]], Shaymin will be given away in the United Kingdom from April 4-18 and in Spain starting April 15 in participating GAME stores while Shaymin will be given away in Germany at ten McDonald's restaurants from April 25-May 17. The sites also revealed the dates Shaymin will be given in the other European countries. According to the {{bp|Wonder Card}} screenshots found on the sites, GAME stores in Belgium, France, Italy and the Netherlands, like in Spain, will be giving away Shaymin starting Aprl 15.
Lastly, the sites have revealed the name of Shaymin's Sky Forme in other languages. Please refer to the table below for the names.:
{| {{Bluetable|background: white; margin: auto;}}
|- style="background: #444;"
! {{color|fff|UKEnglish}}
! {{color|fff|Belgium}}{{tt|*|BelgiëFrench}}
! {{color|fff|NetherlandsSpanish, Italian}}
! {{color|fff|FranceGerman}}
! {{color|fff|Belgium}}{{tt|*|Belgique}}
! {{color|fff|Spain}}
! {{color|fff|Italy}}
! {{color|fff|Germany}}
| colspan="3" align="center" | Sky Forme
| colspan="2" align="center" | Forme Céleste
| colspan="2" align="center" | Forma Cielo
| align="center" | Zenitform
*[ Nintendo of Europe's Shaymin sites]