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Pokémon Video Game Championships information revealed

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blurb=Shiny Milotic are going to be given out at the Shiny Milotic given away at the 2009 Pokémon Video Game Championships. }}
[[Image:350-Milotic.jpg|thumb|left|Regular 125px|Milotic]]
[[Image:350 s.png|thumb|right|Milotic's Shiny Platinum Sprite]]
The site provides only basic information as its moves, level, ability, and other information. The Milotic will be at Level 50 with the {{a|Marvel Scale}} ability and with the moves {{m|Rain Dance}}, {{m|Recover}}, {{m|Hydro Pump}}, and {{m|Icy Wind}}. It will also hold a {{bp|Flame Orb}} and a Classic Ribbon.
The event will have the following stops: May 9 at Seattle, WA, May 16 at Francisco, CA, May 23 at Phoenix, AZ, May 30 at Dallas, TX, June 6 at Philadelphia, PA, and June 13 at Nashville, TN.
This Milotic is similar to the Shiny Milotic given out in Japan last year for the {{bp|List_of_Nintendo_event_Pokémon_in_2008#TCG_World_Championships_2008_Milotic|2008 TCG World Championships}}.
* [ ReceiveVideo theGame ShinyChampionships Miloticwebsite]
** [ Receive the Shiny Milotic]