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CoroCoro pictures give information on distribution

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Leaked CoroCoro scans have recently revealed information on the two Pokémon to be given away to commemorate the {{bp|Arceus: To a Conquering Spacetime|twelfth movie}}.
As reported before, a {{shiny}} {{p|Pichu}}, dubbed ''Pikachu-colored Pichu'', will be given to players who have pre-ordered tickets to the movie. It will be at level 30 while holding an {{bp|Everstone}}. It will also know the moves {{m4|Charm|Endeavor|Volt Tackle|Charge}}. It will have the OT 「しょこたん」 ''Shokotan'', who is {{bp|Notched-ear Pichu}}'s Japanese voice actress in the movie. This Pichu will be distributedavailable startingfor Junedownload 19between April 18 and July 17.
An Arceus will be distributed at movie theaters starting July 18. It will at level 100, making it the second Pokémon to be distributed at that level, the first being {{bp|Movie Regigigas|Regigigas}}. It will know its signature move {{m|Judgment}}. Similar to the {{bp|Movie Darkrai|Darkrai}} distributed two years ago, it will know the signature moves of other Pokémon featured in the movie: {{m|Roar of Time}}, {{m|Spacial Rend}} and {{m|Shadow Force}}, the signature moves of {{p|Dialga}}, {{p|Palkia}} and {{p|Giratina}}, respectively. It will hold the {{bp|Rowap Berry}}, which is the only berry that has not been legitimately available yet.