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[[Image:Shiny pichu art.png|thumb|left|Shiny Pichu]]
Similar to the {{bp|Movie Regigigas|Regigigas}} given away last year and the {{bp|10th Deoxys|Deoxys}} given away in 2007, a {{shiny}} {{p|Pichu}}, dubbed "Pikachu-colored Pichu" (ピカチュウカラーのピチュー) by CoroCoro, will be given to players of {{v2|Diamond}}, {{v2|Pearl}} and Platinum who pre-order tickets for the {{bp|Movie 12|12th movie}} between April 18 and July 17. It will have the OT 「しょこたん」 ({{bp|Shoko Nakagawa|Shokotan}}), fromwho theis {{bp|Notched-ear Pichu}}'s Japanese voice actress. Thisin Pichu will be available starting Junethe 19movie.
This will be the third Pokémon given away in its Shiny form, the others being a {{bp|WCS Milotic|Milotic}} and {{bp|Ruby and Saphire Zigzagoon|Zigzagoon}}. No other information on the Pichu is known as of yet.