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CoroCoro pictures give information on distribution

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Leaked images from the May issue of CoroCoro have revealed information on the two Pokémon to be given away to commemorate the {{bp|Arceus: To a Conquering Spacetime|12th Pokémon movie}}.
As reported before, a {{shiny}} {{p|Pichu}}, dubbed ''Pikachu-colored Pichu'', will be given to players who have pre-ordered tickets to the movie. It will be at level 30 while holding an {{bp|Everstone}}. It will also know the moves {{m4|Charm|EndeavorCharge|Volt Tackle|ChargeEndure|Endeavor}}. It will have the OT 「しょこたん」 ''Shokotan'', who is {{bp|Notched-ear Pichu}}'s Japanese voice actress in the movie. The Pichu will be available for download June 19-July 17.
An {{p|Arceus}} will be distributed at movie theaters starting July 18. It will at level 100, making it the second Pokémon to be distributed at that level, the first being {{bp|Movie Regigigas|Regigigas}}. It will know its signature move, {{m|Judgment}}. Similar to the {{bp|Movie Darkrai|Darkrai}} distributed two years ago, it will know the signature moves of other Pokémon featured in the movie: {{m|Roar of Time}}, {{m|Spacial Rend}} and {{m|Shadow Force}}, the signature moves of {{p|Dialga}}, {{p|Palkia}} and {{p|Giratina}}, respectively. It will hold the {{bp|Rowap Berry}}, which is the only berry that has not been legitimately available yet.