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'''I am taking a break from Bulbagarden while I finish my university work. I will be back in mid-May. Until then, please direct all major inquiries to Bulbapedia Editor in Chief [[bp:User talk:TTEchidna|TTEchidna]].Argy'''<br>
Former {{bp|Bulbanews}} editor in chief (2005-2009)<br>
==Bulbagarden==Former {{bp|Bulbapedia}} style editor<br>
'''Editor in Chief,Former {{bp|BulbanewsBulbagarden forums}}'''<br> administrator
'''Style Editor, {{bp|Bulbapedia}}''' ([[bp:User:Argy|profile]]; on hiatus)<br>
'''Administrator, {{bp|Bulbagarden forums}} and {{bp|Bulbagarden Archives}}'''
I am a senior journalism/political science student about to graduate with a Bachelor of Science. I already hold an Associate of Arts degree in journalism and am currently an editor of my university's student newspaper.
==External links==
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* [ KanzakaDex] (creator/editor)