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Nintendo Australia confirms Pokémon Platinum date

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blurb=Nintendo Australia today officially announced Pokémon Platinum Version set for a release in Australia and New Zealand on May 14, one week before the game's releasearrives in Europe. }}
The announcement follows rather late if compared to the [[Nintendo of Europe confirms May 22 Platinum release|European announcement in February]]. It confirms the release date [[Australian online retailers state Platinum release date|listed on Australian online retailers since March]].
Pokémon Platinum is the third role-playing game released for the {{bp|Generation IV|fourth generation}} of Pokémon. It features the Pokémon {{p|Giratina}} in the Origin Forme, its new form. The game was released in Japan last Sept. 13, 2008 and in the US and several other countriesNorth lastAmerica March 22, 2009.
== Information ==