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Major Pokémon game to be announced this month

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Several media outlets have revealed that the announcement of a major, popularly-discussed Pokémon game will be made later this month. {{bp|Pokémon Sunday}} is set to reveal the title May 10.
The show's web site describes the contents of next week's episode as "a worldwide first announcement and a worldwide first big scoop". The upcoming issues of {{bp|CoroCoro}} and Nintendo Dream, which are Japanese magazines, have likewise been disclosed to contain information regarding a "much-talked-about big title", although it is not madedirectly clearstated that a Pokémon game is involved. Both magazine issues will be released after the airing of Pokémon Sunday.
Based on the fact the game is said to have been the center of much speculation, many fans believe that the announcement will pertain to two titles: the {{bp|Pokémon Gold and Silver remakes}}. It is also theorized that {{bp|Junichi Masuda}} will appear on the show to make the announcement, since he did so both last month and the month prior in regard to other game-related scoops.