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Major Pokémon game to be announced this month

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removing not-quoted speculation; there is no "severeal media outlets", the only announcements are on the site of pokemon and tv tokyo
[[File:PokemonSunday3.jpg|thumb|Pokémon Sunday logo]]
SeveralAs mediaannounced outlets have revealed thatby the announcementofficial ofJapanese aPokémon major,Web popularly-discussedsite Pokémonand gameTV willTokyo's beTV madeprogram laterinformation thison month.Friday, {{bp|Pokémon Sunday}} is set to unveilmake thea "world-exclusive first announcement" in its ''Pokémon Game Arena'' segment titleon May 10.
The show'smost officialrecent Webepisode site describespreviewed the contentsannnouncement, ofshowing nexttwo week'sballs, episodeone asgold "aand worldwideone firstsilver, announcementwhich andwill abe worldwideopened firstto bigunveil scoop"the announcement's subject. TheBased upcomingon issuesthis ofas {{bp|CoroCoro}}well andas Nintendothe Dream,fact whichthat arethe Japanesegame magazines,is havesaid likewiseto have been disclosedthe andcenter areof knownmuch tospeculation, containmany informationfans regardingbelieve athat "much-talked-aboutthe bigannouncement title",will althoughpertain itto istwo nottitles: directlythe stated{{bp|Pokémon thatGold aand PokémonSilver gameremakes}}. It is involved.also Boththeorized magazinethat issues{{bp|Junichi Masuda}} will beappear releasedon afterthe show to make the airingannouncement, ofsince Pokémonhe did so both last month and the month prior in regard to other game-related Sundayscoops.
Furthermore,The the most recent episode previewed the annnouncement by showing two balls: one gold and one silver. Based on this as well as the fact that the game is said to have been thenext centerissue of much speculation, many fans believe that the announcement will pertain to two titles: the {{bp|Pokémon Gold and Silver remakesCoroCoro}}., Itwhich iswill alsobe theorizedreleased thatMay {{bp|Junichi15, Masuda}} will appear on theis showlikely to makecontain the announcement, sinceas he did so both last month and the month prior in regard to other game-related scoopswell.
* [ Pokémon Sunday at the official Japanese Pokémon Web CoroCorosite]
* [ TV Tokyo's Pokémonprogram Sundayinformation]