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Satoshi, Shinji to battle in two-part episode

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Magazine scans have just recently revealed the titles for the {{bp|DP131|131st}} and {{bp|DP132|132nd}} episodes of the {{bp|Diamond & Pearl series|''Diamond & Pearl'' series}}. 「フルバトル! シンジ VS サトシ!!」 ''Full Battle! {{bp|Paul|Shinji}} VS {{bp|Ash Ketchum|Satoshi}}!!'' will be a two-part episode scheduled to air on June 11 and 18 on TV Tokyo.
The episodes will feature a {{bp|Pokémon battle|battle}} at {{bp|Lake Acuity|Eichi Lake}} between the {{bp|main character}}, Satoshi, and his {{bp|rival}}, Shinji. Shinji will be using his newly evolved {{p|Magmortar|Booburn}} against {{AP|Satoshi's Pikachu|Pikachu}}.