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New WiiWare game to be released this month

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The game is controlled with either the Wii Remote on its side or the the Nunchuck. In this game, Pokémon will be like wind-up toys and they will appear as they did in {{bp|My Pokémon Ranch|Everyone's Pokémon Ranch}}. {{bp|Player character|Player}}s can control their {{bp|Pokémon}} through various features. These include a Battle Royal where players control their Pokémon in a massive pit where lots of other Pokémon appear. The last one that remains standing will be the winner. Players control both the Pokémon's movement and what {{bp|move}} they use.
It also has a story mode where there are levels which end with a battle wherein a giant Pokémon is a boss. They boss may be a {{bp|legendary Pokémon}}. Other Pokémon are obtained through defeating them in this mode. Similar to the games ''{{bp|My Pokémon Ranch|Everyone's Pokémon Ranch}}'' and ''{{bp|Super Smash Bros. Brawl|Great Fray Smash Brothers X}}'', players can also take screenshots of their Pokémon in the battles
The game will feature a two-player co-op move, as well as a stadium mode where up to four players can battle. Other players of this game can also bring their Pokémon from their game on the Wii Remote, similar to Miis. Passwords can be used as well to obtain rarer Pokémon. These will be released via the official site. Players have various grades of Pokémon they can use. As the players progress in through the game, they get more grades with Legendaries being traded as they release other Pokémon that they currently have.