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Platinum: Supreme Victors announced

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The Dutch retailer Brandunit has updated their upcoming listings for Pokémon TCG, revealing a new set, Platinum: Supreme Victors. The set will include over 150 cards, Pokémon SP LV. X, and more than 25 Pokémon SP. Some Frontier Brain Pokémon will also be included. Three tins will be released on September 2.
The theme decks will feature {{p|Arcanine}} and {{p|Milotic}}, with the tins including {{bp|Cyrus}}'s Charizard G LV.X, {{bp|Cynthia's Garchomp}} LV.X, and {{bp|Cynthia}}{{bp|DP043|'s}} {{p|Rayquaza}} LV.X.
== Information ==