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After the end of [[South Korea to have distributions in July|three distributions]] yesterday, players of {{bp|Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions|Pocket Monsters Diaruga (Dialga) and Peolgia (Palkia) DP}} and {{bp|Pokémon Platinum Version|Pocket Monsters Giratina Pt}} will get a chance to obtain two more Pokémon and the {{bp|Secret Key (Gen IV)|Secret Key}} once again from July 24-26 in Seoul, South Korea.
From 10 a.m.-6 p.m. on the said dates, fans of Pokémon can attend an event called ''2009 Pokémon Thrilling Adventure''. The events will have contests and special merchandise will be available for sale. Players of Platinum can also obtain the Secret Key and a special event {{pplang|Pikachu|Pikachyu (Pikachu)}}. Ten players will also be randomly selected to obtain the {{bp|Event Pokémon|event-only Pokémon}} {{pplang|Shaymin|Sweimi (Shaymin)}}. It is currently unknown what games can obtain the Pikachyu and Sweimi.