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Dr. Okido to appear in Futaba Town Festival

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The title for the {{bp|DP139|139th episode}} of the Pokémon anime has been revealed today. It is to be called '''オーキド博士を救出せよ! ニョロトノVSグレッグル!!''' ''Rescue Dr. Okido! Nyorotono VS Gureggru!!'' and is scheduled to air August 20th on TV Tokyo.
The episode will feature the second part of the {{bp|Futaba Town|Futaba}} Festival, in which {{bp|Professor Okido|Dr. Okido}} will appear. {{bp|Brock|Takeshi}}'s {{bp|GureggruCroagunk (Pokémon)|Gureggru}} will also battle with a {{bp|NyorotonoPolitoed (Pokémon)|Nyorotono}}, as the title suggests.