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[[Image:Bulbanews logo.png|right|thumb|Bulbanews' logo, the bulb of Bulbasaur with a Poké Ball and radio signal superimposed on it]]
'''Bulbanews''' is a primarysecondary-source and(occasionally secondaryprimary-source) {{bp|Pokémon}} news organization run by {{bp|Bulbagarden}} as a means of publishing Pokémon news quickly and effectively. Based on the concept of a {{wp|wiki}}, any of its registered users may submit a news article, which will be subject to approval by administrators before publication. The current Editor-editor in-Chief chief is {{u|Argy}}.
Like the Bulbagarden's collaborative encyclopedia, {{bp|Bulbapedia}}, Bulbanews is named after the Pokémon {{p|Bulbasaur}}, and the fact that it is a news site. It utilizes images from the {{bp|Bulbagarden Archives}}, just as {{bp|Bulbapedia}} does.
Bulbanews was launched in April 2005 as ''a comprehensive news service'', about 2two months after {{bp|Bulbapedia}} was opened to the public, but did not get the same attention Bulbapedia did.
Bulbanews was subsequently relaunched as ''your community Pokémon newspaper'' on FebruaryFeb. 27, 2006, the tenth10th anniversary of the Japanese release of {{bp|Pokémon Red and Green Versions}} - in addition to reporting news regarding the Pokémon {{bp|canon}}, it would also publish columns and editorials, as well as news from the Pokémon community.