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[[File:493Arceus.png|thumb|right|120px|Arceus]] today officially revealed {{p|Arceus}}, the last Pokémon in the National Pokédex,. brieflyAlthough mentioningEnglish it'sfans rolehave inknown {{mv|12}}about andArceus since the release of {{bp|AdventPokémon ofDiamond Arceusand (TCG)Pearl Versions|thePokémon Diamond and TCGPearl}}, it had not been officially announced. EventArceus dateswas arerevealed to the Japanese public earlier this year on February 14th but not yetto knownEnglish players.
Poké also briefly mentions it's role in {{mv|12}} and {{bp|Advent of Arceus (TCG)|the TCG}}. Event dates are not yet known.
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