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Changes officially reveals Arceus

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The site mentions basic information about Arceus, such as its height and weight. {{a|Multitype|Its}} {{bp|ability}} remains hidden though. The site also briefly mentions Arceus having an appearance in {{bp|Arceus: To a Conquering Spacetime|the twelfth movie}} and a future {{bp|Advent of Arceus (TCG)|the Trading Card Game}} expansion.
The other event-only Pokémon for the {{bp|Generation IV}} games Diamond, Pearl and Platinum were previously announced after appearing in several ways on the official site. {{p|Manaphy}}'s egg appeared while {{p|Darkrai}} and {{p|Shaymin}} appeared as shadows. Arceus is the first among these Pokémon to be announced without going through this method.
Arceus is the 493rd {{bp|Pokémon}} in the {{bp|National Pokédex}}. It has been distributed to players of the Japanese versions of {{game2|Diamond|Pearl|Platinum}} since last July 18. The distribution ends on Sept. 30. The {{bp|Azure Flute}}, the {{bp|key item}} that grants access to the {{bp|Hall of Origin}}, has never been distributed.