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The site mentions basic information about Arceus, such as its height and weight. {{a|Multitype|Its}} {{bp|ability}} remains hidden, though. The site also briefly mentions Arceus having an appearance in {{bp|Arceus: To a Conquering Spacetime|the 12th movie}} and a future {{bp|Advent of Arceus (TCG)|trading card game}} expansion.
The other event-only Pokémon for the {{bp|Generation IV}} games Diamond, Pearl and {{bp|Pokémon Platinum|Platinum}} were previously announced after appearing in several ways on the official Web site. {{p|Manaphy}}'s egg, andalong with {{p|Darkrai}}'s and {{p|Shaymin}}'s shadows, respectively made intermittent appearances on the site before their official revelation. Arceus is the first among these Pokémon to be announced without being teased with this method.
Arceus is the 493rd {{bp|Pokémon}} in the {{bp|National Pokédex}}. It has been distributed to players of the Japanese versions of Diamond, Pearl and Platinum since July 18, when the 12th movie premiered. The Japanese distribution ends Sept. 30.