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Hello! My name is Thomas, I a new member to the Bulbapedia website and Bulbagarden Forums, my first ever story and article posted on the website was immediatly put as breaking news, as it was about the English Pokémon website uploading information about Heart Gold and Soul Silver. This was my first ever article, although it was highly edited, it was quite good for a first attempt.
You can view my first ever article on Bulbanews [[North American, European versions of HeartGold, SoulSilver announced|here]]
I have enjoyed Pokémon since I was young, at least when I was five years old, I think that was when I first played Pokémon Blue, it was my favourite game immediatly, I was hooked by the gameplay and the creatures known as Pokémon, however this game was shortly replaced by my next new favourite games, Pokémon Gold, I enjoyed it alot, the game was in colour, the graphics were really good (in those days) and the new Pokémon were what go me excited the most, and day and night a great feature that returned in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, and to be honest should not have been removed in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed or LeafGreen at all.
I am also a part of [| Youtube], my username is Arceustheoriginal, it would have been Arceustheoriginalone, but someone had taken that name already, Damn! I enjoy watching videos by Marriland, as his walkthroughs are great and also he has a good sense of humour, which I enjoy in his videos.
*[,_Soul_Silver_emerges| A New Video of Heart Gold, Soul Silver emerges]
*[,_European_versions_of_HeartGold,_SoulSilver_announced|North American, European versions of Heart Gold, Soul Silver Announced]
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*[| Youtube Channel]
*[,_European_versions_of_HeartGold,_SoulSilver_announced|North American, European versions of Heart Gold, Soul Silver Announced]