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Pokéteca joins Encyclopaediae Pokémonis

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It has an interesting front page, but I can't see the pic you placed here.
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blurb=Pokéteca, a Spanish-language Pokémon wiki, joinshas joined Encyclopaediae Pokémonis, a multilingual group of Pokémon wikis.}}
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[[File:EPPokéteca.png|thumb|Encyclopædiæ Pokémonis logo for Pokéteca]]
Pokéteca, a Spanish-language Pokémon wiki, has joined the ranks of {{bp|Encyclopaediae Pokémonis|Encyclopædiæ Pokémonis}}, a multilingual group of {{bp|Pokémon}} wikis of which Bulbapedia is also a member. The project currently has more than 1,000 articles, specializing in the various Pokémon media. Pokéteca recently joined as the seventh member of the interwiki group.
Pokéteca, awas Spanish-languagefounded Pokémonlast wiki,Sept. has1 joinedby theHabieru, rankswho ofdesired {{bp|Encyclopaediaeto Pokémonis|Encyclopædiæ Pokémonis}},start a multilingualPokémon groupwiki offor PokémonSpanish-speaking wikisfans of whichthe Bulbapediaseries. isThe alsocurrent astaff member.of Thethe projectwiki currentlyconsists hasof moreBureaucrats than 1{{bp|User:Habieru|Habieru}},000 articlesHiro, specializingSumori inHose, theand various{{bp|User:Shadow|Shadow}} Pokémonand media.Pokétecarios ItKosen, joinsFrika, asArqui, theand seventh member of the interwiki group.{{bp|User:CoolPikachu!|CoolPikachu!}}
PokétecaEncyclopædiæ wasPokémonis foundedcurrently on September 1consists of lastthe yearEnglish-language by Habieru{{bp|Bulbapedia}}, whothe desiredGerman to{{bp|PokéWiki}}, startthe aJapanese {{bp|Pokémon wiki for Spanish-speaking fans ofWiki}}, the series. The current staff of the wiki consists of BureaucratsPolish {{bp|User:Habieru|HabieruWikinezka}}, Hiro,the Sumori Hose, andFrench {{bp|User:Shadow|ShadowPoképédia}} and Pokétecarios Kosen, Frika,the Arqui, andPortuguese {{bp|User:CoolPikachu!|CoolPikachu!LANDpedia}} and the Spanish Pokéteca.
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