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Bulbagarden opens its Trade Center

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blurb=Bulbagarden announces the creation of a Trade Center to more easily facilitate trades between users over the DS Wi-Fi connection. }}
Bulbagarden is pleased to announce the opening of its [ Trade Center] on the Bulbagarden Forums. The Trade Center will allow forum members to offer and seek Pokémon and items via the {{bp|Nintendo DS}}'s Wi-Fi connection.
By providing this service, Bulbagarden hopes to expand its reach into the real game market by facilitating a safe trading environment with a wide variety of options for trading to its users. The ability to declare a Pokémon hacked or real is a significant improvement over Nintendo's {{BPbp|GTS}}, which leaves that issue ambiguous before a trade occurs. Like the GTS, trade can occur internationally via Bulbagarden's Trade Center, as long as versions are compatible.
It is open to all forum members with an account; registration to the Bulbagarden Forums is available [ here].